About Jon Jost

I’ve been making films since January 1963 – almost 50 years now.  My work has always been non-commercial and artistically oriented.  You can read about these films (and it’d help a lot if you bought some DVDs of them) at www.jon-jost.com – buying one DVD will get me around 250 miles down the road!  I also run a handful of blogs: cinemaelectronica, Jon Jost’s Weblog, Paginas Para Clara, and Coming to Terms.

If you would be interested in screenings, a workshop (which I’ve done around the world – 100’s of them from India to Italy to Indiana), or anything else, contact me at clarandjon@msn.com.

Along with filming, I also do photography, paint, and seem to write a lot.

One thought on “About Jon Jost

  1. Hi John,

    My name is Brooke Davies, I’m a third year film student a Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia. I just wanted to let you know that we were all given an independent film maker to do an essay on regarding their way of independent film making… Although our lecturer has told us not to tell anyone what we are studying, we are currently looking at ‘personal’, ‘structural’ and ‘dialectical’ approaches to film making.

    I am looking forward to watching your many features.

    Kind regards,
    Brooke Davies

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